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I am looking at a new 21degree 816h2 at Golf Galaxy. I am currently using the 715H with a Diamana blue regular. He is my dilemma. When I tried the different shaft the Diamana white Stiff was up to 20 yards further and much straighter then any other shaft. The swing speed for the hybrid was consistently 80mph. I have a quick tempo. Index 9,5

This makes no sense to me since I sopped using stiff 10 years ago. But the Xstiff consistently out performed the others

does this make sense

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  1. Don O

    Handicap, age, and club head speed are not the actual determinants. Flex is more dependent on how you load the shaft at transition. This may decrease with age, but not always. Imagine my surprise at age 67 when the best fit was the Diamana Red (expected) in stiff (surprise!) for 917 driver/5W. This was done at Oceanside, so it wasn't because that's the only red shaft in the cart. You can predict a good starting point, but get fit to be sure.

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