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When to switch from CB to MB irons

Richard G

I have been playing with the CB irons for the past 6 years and wanted to know when do you know if you can/should move over to the MB's for more work-ability? I have hit them in simulators and like the feel and contact but I have not played with them on the course yet. I have been eyeing them for quite sometime now and just need a little insight on the progression process.

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  1. Kyle J

    I play both cbs and mbs, I would say go for it, the Titleist 716 are my favorite mbs ever. There is no progression in my view, some people start off with mbs and struggle but get used to them and adapt. If you have swung them before and have hit them well, dive in, there is nothing more satisfying then puring a mb 3 iron!! I typically will play them when I play a course with less penalizing rough though, mbs are very hard to hit out of the long stuff for me, just a little advice.
  2. Dr O

    I have always been a fan of customizing sets. Play CB in long/mid irons. MB in your scoring clubs 7-PW.
  3. Travis W

    When I grew up playing, there was no such thing as Game improvement irons, perimeter weighting, or MB's. We called them irons. I believe anyone with a decent swing can play MB's/blades, especially if you are playing CB's. That being said, I think one should play the clubs that have the most forgiveness while still delivering the performance desired. I play AP2s because I found a great deal on EBay. I would recommend borrowing/renting some MBs and play a couple of rounds and see what you think.

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