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Reshafting my ap2 irons

Craig D

I have a set of ap2 716's and I want to change the shafts and I will be doing the work myself. I have a question about why the hosels are different on the 8,9,pw and gap wedge, I haven't removed the shafts from them yet, I assume the depth of the bore is the same in all the clubs but as I stated the hosel is longer about a 1/4-1/2" in the shorter irons with the ap2 set. When I put the new shafts in the clubs do I put the taper tip shafts straight in or tip them the difference in the shorter irons to match the rest of the mid and longer irons? Just a note but virtually every other club maker doesn't have the longer hosels in the shorter irons, only titleist does to the best of my knowledge. I have reshafted other sets of irons where the hosels are all the same length, I'm just confused and uncertain how to proceed, I would like to make sure I do it properly. Thank you.

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