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913 to 915/917

Ryan P

I've been playing a 913D for a few years, thinking I'm ready for an upgrade but debating the 915 v 917 - anybody out there recently make a similar switch, or 915--917 and able to provide some feedback? No question it will be a Titleist, just debating which model.

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  1. RJohnson

    I have owned each driver since the 910. The 917D3 for me is the most forgiving, best feeling, longest driver to date. Go get fit for the 917, you won't regret it.
  2. Barry B

    Probably tough to find a new 915 that you can get fit for now days. So best advice is to go with the 917....but get fit for it though!
  3. Don O

    The 915 will be off the rack, leftover stock. The 917 would presumably be new. In the hands of a good fitter, using the "30 swings in 30 minutes", the 917 will almost always be better because it is fit to you. A good pro shop will be the same price whether off the rack or custom ordered. Having built my 913 "my way", I gained 20 yards on average with a actual expert fitting me. Off the rack only actually fits about 10% correctly. Being 67, the chance of off the rack working for me is zero.
  4. Dwayne N

    would recommend seeing a fitter but I personal experience having owned all three is that I likethe917 the best
  5. Kevin H

    I had never previously owned a Titleist driver before I bought the 917 this spring, so I cannot totally answer your question. However, I will give you this: The 917 is the best, longest, most forgiving driver I've played to date. So I can't really weigh your options but I would certainly recommend the 917.
  6. Rob_Roth1

    I agree with Dwayne go find a fitter and see what your numbers are. In this age you should not buy a driver without getting properly fit. Then see if you can test drive on the course
  7. Doug E

    Owned a 910, 913, 915, and now, a 917D2. Liked the 910 more than the 913. Liked the 915 even more. The 917D2 is the best of all of them. I am honestly hitting the ball further by 15 yards on average. However, I must admit, I fit myself for the first three. The new 917D2 is a different story. I was fit at a Titleist Thursdays event for it in March. Best 45 minutes of the year. It has really paid off. Go for the fitting and the 917D. You won't be disappointed.
  8. Todd D

    I am in exactly the same thinking. I am hitting a 915D2 which I absolutely love! I want to upgrade to the 917 but have pushed back because I don't like the way I hit it. When you spend that much on any club, you should love it, not just like it. I also noticed that Jordan Spieth has not upgraded to the 917. Interesting??
    I don't want to hit anything but Titleist, but I am struggling hanging on.

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