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Scotty I just got done painting!

Jake M

Thought I would share this with everyone on here and here there thoughts on it!

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17 Replies

  1. Dwayne N

    looks good, roll'em straight
  2. Andrew A

    Nothing like a fresh scotty paint job!
  3. Jason H

    Looks sweet.
  4. Kevin H

    looks sweet! What did you use to paint it??
  5. Todd T

    Looks good!
  6. Dave N

    Not a big fan of green, but that is killer.
  7. Chris B

    yep....that is legit.
  8. Jason C

    Looks great!
  9. Rob_Roth1

    Awesome - how long did it take to do?
  10. Jake M

    About 4-5 hours
  11. Jake M

    Just testors paint and a needle! Pretty simple!
  12. P

    looks good!!
  13. Chris C

    Love it. Gonna get my Circa refurbished this winter, can't wait.
  14. Brian R

    Looks good.
  15. Joe D

    Nice job,green to match the head cover..
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