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One length irons


Anyone have any experiences with one length irons? Seems like it makes sense but hesitant to drop a couple hundred bucks on on something that I might not do well with out on the course. Does it help or hurt you in the mental aspect of the game. Thanks

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  1. Gabriel G

    I wouldn't do it. I get more results from one lesson from a PGA Professional than anything else I have done.
  2. Don O

    The most positive comment is they might be a good starting point for a new golfer. Older golfers with back issues may adapt. There appears to be debate over an ideal length - should they all be one or 2 for longer/shorter irons. In any event, there is a fair amount of re-engineering to optimize loft and lie, so a standard set won't work well just ordering all the irons the same length. Time will tell if it is a "one hit wonder" or an eventual trend. Unlike Titleist with an iron line for everyone (6 altogether), the options for now are limited across all vendors.
  3. John O

    My Dad just purchased a set. He's 75 years old and felt he was losing some flexibility. He was having trouble staying down through impact on his short irons. He said the one length irons help him quite a bit in this area. Took some getting used to though.

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