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Increasing club length

Darryl M

I have a question about making my 915D2 driver 45.5" long VS the current 45" length. What would I expect as far as change? Head weight? Swing weight? or anything else I might not have thought of?

The reason I ask is I hit my 915 well but not as accurate as when I used 46" drivers (mostly in other brands). Not bad misses but still off the short grass my accuracy has dropped 17% since I switched to a 910 first & now my 915D2. Like I said carry & distance is great but was thinking it might be the length. My distance & carry is 15yds better though.

just a curious question I have, I've solved earlier swing issues but still miss right then left type of thing.


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  1. Don O

    The physics would not agree with lengthening for accuracy. The arc is longer and that magnifies any swing errors. Increasing swing weight may improve your tempo and lengthening the shaft will do that, all else equal. For dispersion issues, you may want to work with a pro/fitter to see if changing the weight to control tempo or a different shaft or shaft flex will improve it. Invariably, a properly fit driver will out-perform the latest and greatest off the rack.
  2. Joel L

    I shortened my 917D2 to 44.5" recently and have seen a 10% increase in fairway accuracy. I was having issues with heel hits and now see more center face contact. My distance has probably increased due to making better contact.

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