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Dented my AP2 714 8 Iron.........

Anthony N

HI there,

I was practicing just yesterday at the range and put a club down to align myself and accidentally hit my 4-iron with my 8 iron on a practice and now they both have a giant craters/dents on them...8-iron much worse than 4.Is there any way to replace these two clubs even though they're 714's?


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  1. Barry B

    Try looking on eBay or maybe 2nd Swing to see is you can find individual clubs for resale.
  2. Deno

    I would contact/call Customer Service. I'm sure you'll get the correct answer quickly.

  3. Barry B

    Looks like 2nd Swing has both irons available....
  4. Darron K

    First I would go to Home Depot and get a couple of or some other "golf" alignment sticks!

    There are many websites that you can purchase used clubs to replace those two!
  5. Dave N

    Can you post some pics?
  6. Sam R

    Where is the dent? If it's in the face just see a pro and get it re-grooved so it doesn't affect the ball strike. Any other dent is just cosmetic and personally I wouldn't worry about. I've got a terrible mark on the bottom of my 5 iron where there was a stone sat under my ball on a shot one day, personally doesn't bother me so haven't even considered replacing it.
  7. Anthony N

    It's just on the bottom of the club. If there are no performance issues, than its probably not worth replacing?


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