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How to adjust a driver

Sebastian R

How can I adjust my titleist 913 d3 so it will give the ball a lower flight?

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  1. Chris92009

    If you adjust the SureFit Hosel to D-1 or C-1 or D-2 or C-2 that will give you a lower ball flight.
  2. Barry B

    The link below should help you. Find the correct chart (LH, RH) that applies to you.
  3. Rob_Roth1

    You want D1 setting - but check above for surefit info
  4. Deno

  5. Dave N

    I have the same club in a 8.5*, I can still launch it pretty good if I have to. C2 for me.
  6. Trevor D

    Keep in mind that the head can only do so much. If changing the hosel setting still doesn't give you the desired ball flight, you may have to look at other shaft options.

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