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Installing new iron shafts

Ben R

I have a 716 T-MB 3 iron that I am wanting to install a new steel fiber shaft, but it is considerably longer in length. If I trim this to a normal 3 iron length, will it alter the integrity of the shaft?

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  1. Gary D

    Its a taper tip shaft so don't trim the tip !! Trim the butt end of the shaft to length and swing weight the club. When you bought the shaft you should have bought the specific shaft for the club you have. ie: a 2 iron or 3 iron or 4 iron shaft. You can add weights in the tip prior to gluing to arrive at the desired swing weight. Be sure to include the weight of the grip.
  2. Rob_Roth1

    as long as you cut from the butt end of the shaft no

    I would also recco looking up the trimming instructions of the shaft you want to put into it

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