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Shaft change

Se P

Hi I have a 915 D2 with a stiff diamana shaft. Planing to give it to my wife by changing the shaft to 50 or 40 red Diamana. Would this be good move.

Thanks Se

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  1. Don O

    Not if it is an 8.5 degree loft and your wife needs a 12 upped to 12.75 or 13.5 degrees. You'd also have to adjust the attached head weight - likely she would prefer a C 8-10 swing weight and a stock men's D2 is around D 2-3.
  2. Trevor D

    Meh, go for it. I put my daughter into my old 910D3 with a 50g Kuro Kage. She just tees it up a little higher and hits it great. She's 13 and and moves it about 175-200 yards and seems to love it.

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