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AP1 irons

Mark V

I was fitted for the AP1s recently by a Premier Fitting Titleist center but I am undecided whether to order the 716s or the 718s this Fall. Are there any significant changes in the AP1 with the 718s, and if so can you detail them for me? Thanks very much.

Sincerely, Mark Valderas

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  1. Speedy

    I don't think the details of the 718s will be out until the fall time when they're actually released.. Best you can do is read the reviews from the Pros that are currently playing them...

    IMO, I would wait.. I've played the 710, 712, 714 and now have the 716s and to be honest, the irons have improved with each release... Now will I get the 718s? That depends on my budget and wife :)
  2. Chuck Z

    The 716AP1s are an awesome club. BUT, there is a new iron coming out this year, the AP3, which might be worth considering. Do a lot of research before on both clubs, but definitely move to the newer models. The reason Titleist only comes out with new clubs every two years is because of their improvement factor. Their R&D is second to none.

  3. Tim M

    I would wait for the 718 release. That way you are able to compare them head to head and make an educated decision. No worries if you wait.
  4. masamitsu

    Yeah, definitely want to check out the 718 AP3s. They might be in iron unicorn :)
  5. aholtmeyer

    Like others have said, I would wait until the 718s come out so that you have more options to ensure you get the right set. I'm personally excited to get to try the AP3s and interested to see how they compare to the AP1s.
  6. Barry B

    If you decide to wait and get the 718s you should go through the fitting process again. Ever iteration of new irons are just different enough to warrant getting refit.

    I was fit for 716 AP1s about a month ago, but I had decided to wait and get refit for the 718s once my fitter has the heads/shafts for fittings.
  7. Joe D

    Like everyone has stated if you are going to wait for the new line up of clubs from Titleist, you will need to be fitted again.
    The R&D, have made improvements.They just don't slap another number on a head and give it a new name.
  8. Fernando C

    Big mistake waiting! Buy now the clubs you want to play and then switch for the new ones! I bought the ap1 and I am enjoying the game a lot more.
  9. John G

    I would wait.
    I agree those AP3 look amazing and might be the in between club to move my handicap in the positive direction.
  10. Chuck O

    I play 716 AP1. As a 15 handicap I can't think of a better club. But that's what I said 20 years ago about my DCIs. I would wait till fall and try all the new 718s. Good luck!
  11. Dave N

    Depends on how bad your itch is, if it's bad get the 716's if it's just annoying wait for the 718's. Just how bad is your itch?

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