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Titleist 962B 1 and 2 irons


Dear Fellow Titleist enthusiasts,

I have developed a great love for my newly acquired 962Bs. I am particularly fond of the low offset which makes me feel more authentic at address.

Unfortunately the set that I acquired only came from 3-P. Today I went to the range to try a brand new 18 degree Yonex driving iron, hit it pretty well a few times and then went to my 962b three iron and hit it 15 yards past it, with a 240 yard carry. It just rammed home how valuable I find this old trooper.

I have tried locating 962b 1 and 2 irons online and am struggling, with a few irons in the fire (excuse the pun). What I was wondering was if anyone here could tell me what 1 and 2 irons have a similar low offset profile as my treasured 962Bs. I would ideally like to stay with Titleist.

The more similar to the specs in the image the better.

Thanks in advance.

Post Image

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    Hey J, I would try ebay. I checked real quick and saw there were a couple available. You might need to get them reshafted/regripped to match your current set up. Really what you are looking for mainly is the head really. Hope this helps.

  2. Don O

    Since the quote "not even God can hit a 1 iron" is at least 30 years old, that one will be hard to find. A more recent 2 iron Cavity Back can be used while searching for the great white whales. The T-MB #2 is popular but the offset is greater. Both should launch better that the 962 and may surprise you as being longer and/or more controlled than the 3 Iron. Wade Simpson may have some long 962 irons in his storage locker. He used them up until sometime this decade.
  3. Kevin N

    Hey now Don. One of the best shots I ever hit was with a 1 iron in a tournament. 235 out to a back pin with a 40 MPH headwind on the last hole to a foot. My partner being the consummate wise guy looked at me as soon as it stopped and said I guess God isn't the only one that can hit that damn stick.

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