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AP1 716 Lofts

Michael P

If I custom order AP1 irons stronger lofts, will the bounce remain the same?

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  1. Jeff K

    I wouldn't think so since the bounce is set by the face loft. If you make the loft 1 deg stronger you would increase the bounce by 1 deg.
  2. Barry B

    No, typically when you change the loft the bounce also changes.
  3. Don O

    No. Each degree of loft changes lie the same.
  4. 19hole

    No, If you decrease the loft of the iron then bounce decreases.
  5. Steve R

    19hole is correct. Increase loft increase bounce. Decrease loft decrease bounce
  6. Jeff K

    No, if you increase the loft, from 56 deg to 58 deg, the bounce will decrease from 10 deg to 8 deg.

    The loft is measured from the vertical and the bounce from the horizontal. The iron body between is obviously at a fixed angle, all of which add up to 90 deg.
  7. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Michael P

    If I custom order AP1 irons stronger lofts, will the bounce remain the same?

    Hi Michael, If you move the lofts stronger, the lie will remain the same, but the bounce will decrease because you are moving the leading edge of the club closer to the ground (assuming it is horizontal).  If your loft is 56° and you strengthen it to 55°, you will remove approximately 1° of bounce, so if your club was a 56.10, and you strengthen it by one degree to 55°, you will have a 55.09. 

  8. Jeff K

    Hi Cathy, why wouldn't the bounce increase to 11 degrees? The bounce is measured from the horizontal so strengthening the loft should increase the bounce, shouldn't it?
  9. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Jeff,
    Bounce is the angle created between the sole line of the club - so from the front or leading edge of the clubface to the trailing edge and the horizontal ground at address. When you decrease the loft, you are moving that leading edge of the face closer to the ground and thereby decreasing the bounce angle.
    You measure it by:
    1. Measure the loft
    2. Measure the face to sole angle, then add them together
    3. Subtract 90° = bounce angle.

  10. Jeff K

    Hi Cathy,

    Yes, that's what I though. So for a 56.10 the sole angle, which cannot change, is 90-(56+10) = 24. Changing the loft to 54 would change the bounce to 90-(54+24) =12. Isn't this correct. The loft decrease increases bounce since they are measured from planes that are 90 degrees apart.
  11. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Jeff,
    You would measure the face angle, which is 56, but when you measure the face to sole angle, you draw downwards from the leading edge of the face through the middle of the sole. This face to sole number does not change. Then subtract 90°. So it would be 56° + 44° = 100° - 90 =10° of bounce on a 56.10 wedge. Changing the face angle to 55° + 44° (which is set by the initial face to sole) = 99° - 90° = 9°.
  12. Jeff K

    Thanks Cathy,

    Still sounds counter-intuative to my engineering brain.

    Another quick question, any word when more information on the 718 will come out? I need to buy a new set but I spend a lot of time overseas, so I want to order my wedges and I'm looking at different sets (AP2, AP3 and C16) and which one I choose will affect my wedge selection since the PW on each has diferent lofts.

    I've already been fitted so I can order my driver and 3 wood and also wedges once I pick my lofts. I can't get measured where I am currently as I'm in Pakistan.

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