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Dwayne N

Well by my own admission I am a tinkerer and am constantly looking on ways to improve my game. Almost a year ago now, upon their release I was fit and purchased a 917D2 driver. I saw an instant improvement in distance, feel and confidence in my game. But, as stated a tinkerer at heart after a while I was looking and wondering if there was maybe a little more out there. Went to a different fitter but wasn't impressed and then I Settled in with my current setup and have been loving my driver ever since.

Two weeks ago I played in a blind scramble and drew out with a college golf coach that was incredible. As we were waiting on tee box randomly talking he ask to see my putter and showed me something I was unknowingly doing this little tweak resulted in three straight birdie putts. So I told him that if he saw any other opportunities for game improvement in my game. He gave me only one more tweak, a swing tweak. And wow what a difference hitting everything much crisper iron shots and longer drives.

Titleist has supplied me with the best equipment possible so all I need is to do is to trust my equipment and work on me now.

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  1. Robert C

    You mentioned that you were fit for your driver and then tinkered with it. What was the setting on the driver after your fitting and did you change it after tinkering with it? Did you change shaft or any other changes after your tinkering? Once you are fit I think you need to buy into your fitting and this will give you the extra confidence to make better contact. That is where I am now. I switched from the 915D2 to the 917D2. The new setup is growing on me everyday.
  2. Dwayne N

    Yes decided to leave it where fitter had put it and learned to trust it was right. Now I feel I can split every fairway I tee it up on. And usually do
  3. Speedy

    Would you mind sharing the tips and tweaks? Love reading about that kind of stuff...

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