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718 Release date

Tim B

I'm going to purchase a combination set of irons soon. However with a potential fall release of newer versions, does anyone know an approximate date this fall to purchase a new set. Thanks!


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  1. David A

    Usually end of October...worth the wait!
  2. Rob_Roth1

    When I got fit for the 716 my stuff was scheduled to come in November. That is the date I am looking at for stuff to be available
  3. Breks19

    Should see the new Irons/Hybrids release around the last week of September.
  4. Chuck Z

    Most likely the end of October, first of November. That's less than 90 days. Hang in there for the new clubs. Cheers, Chuck.....
  5. Kevin B

    Well...I'm waiting too. All fitted and ready. I'm told they "may" be in first week of September. So from the looks of things here, we've got it covered over and under September -November! Team Titleist should run a pool...LOL!
  6. Tim B

    Thanks for the information! The key is it will be soon. Thanks again. Out of curiosity, were you fitted with 718 equipment? Or just previous options?
  7. Frank P

    Sometimes the fitting carts come out a little ahead of the club release.
  8. Thomas L

    Just finished a fitting here in San Antonio and ordered full set of 718 AP 1's. I was told they should be delivered to me by Sept 27.
  9. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Sept 29th is our official launch date around the world for our new 718 irons and 818 hybrids.

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