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Thank you Cathi and Team Titleist

Ron L

The FedEx truck pulled up to the house today with a small box. I was not expecting anything and did not really pay attention to the senders address. Upon opening the box, I was pleased to discover a Titleist hat, Titleist vehicle sticker, Team Titleist bag tag and most of all, a handwritten note from Cathi. My clubs were stolen recently and I had a full bag fitting through Titleist fitter Vince Young and ordered all new Titleist clubs from putter through driver.

This just shows the class act that Titleist is and the culture that they instill in their staff. Even though I know from reading discussions here that the bag tags are highly coveted, I am most appreciative of Cathi taking the time with a brief handwritten note. Just makes me even prouder to game nothing but Titleist. Now I have another "golf story" to share on the course.

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  1. Deno

    Good for you Ron. Cathy is class act as are all the Team Titlest Staff.

  2. augusto r

  3. JLundquist

    One of the many reasons I proudly represent Team Titleist! Sorry to hear about your clubs being stolen!

    That's an awesome story Ron (not the clubs being stolen). That special attention is one of the coolest part of being part of team titleist.
  5. Chuck Z

    Nice hat. Cathi is such a sweet and thoughtful person. She looks out for us and seems to always say the right thing in her notes. It is a please to get one from her. Kudos to Cathi and all those great folks at Titleist.
  6. Jack H

    Titleist takes amazing care of its loyal fans. They are the best of the best in customer service!! Glad you have a great recovery story to share!!

    That is a sharp looking hat! Always a delight to receive something from TT!

    God Bless,

  7. RJohnson

    Titleist and especially Cathi are the best. I don't know of another company where a person takes the time to hand write a note, great person and excellent customer service.
  8. Brian D

    Team Titleist staff is no doubt the best. I have had the pleasure of meeting almost everyone, but I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Cathi in person. Hopefully one day I will make it out to the Ocean Side facility and have the opportunity to thank Cathi in person for being such a great product and brand ambassador.

    Thanks Ron for sharing your personal experience with Cathi, I am sure that there are many more folks out there who may have been gifted something similar...I hope you all take the time to add your voice to the board and share all the great stories the game of golf brings out...Truly a game that makes connections for years and years...

    All the best
  9. Mike r

    Love that hat, wear it well Ron #TT
  10. Dave D

    Great response from the crew at TT. Just another example of why Titleist is the class act in the industry. I am always proud to display my TT logos wherever I go.
  11. Chris92009

    Nice Touch by Cathi!

    Congrats on your new swag!
  12. chris M

    Amazing to have such a personal touch.

    Good luck with the new gear!
  13. Kevin N

    In today's climate of vitriol lurking around every corner it is so refreshing to see acts of kindness such as a personal note. My hat is off to you Cathi as you are not only a wonderful person, but the best Brand Ambassador that Titleist could ever hope to have. It is stories like this that make me believe that life is too short to play with anything other than Titelst clubs.
  14. Joe D

    Awesome swag Ron !
    Titleist and there staff are simply amazing.
    To receive a hand written note from Cathi in this day and age is amazing.
    This just exemplifies the compassion from the staff at Titleist and how much they really care.

  15. Jeffery M

    I also received a care package like that this summer after going all Titleist. Cathi is a class act and had to call her personally myself to thank her. This is one of the many reasons I switched to Titleist because of their customer service. Hope you hit them well and good luck and enjoy! TT#1
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