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716 T-MB


Getting used to my new irons. I replaced my 716 AP2 5-9 with 716 T-MB irons, I have two rounds with them and they are amazing. I had the 4 iron already and loved when I needed it. Always a sweet and pure feeling, so I sprang for the 5-9 and so far I'm super happy. I'm keeping my AP2 wedges(PW & GW), they fit like a good shoe and breaking in different wedges is a pain I don't want.

New/Old set up - 917 F3 15*; 816 H2 19*; 716 T-MB 4-9; AP2 PW & GW; Vokey SM6 53* & 58*; Scotty Newport 1.5

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  1. vurich

    Keith, congrats! I also switched from the 716 AP2s to the full line of 716 T-MBs. I love the feel and simplicity of these amazing Titleist irons. Hit them long and straight!
  2. David M

    I have the 5-GW 716 T-MB with 120g SteelFibre shafts. They have changed my game (along with a new training aid). I had my personal best -2 this year and my best 9-hole score of -3 (not same day).
  3. MB

    Sounds like a good switch! Glad it is working out well for you. I just switched from the 716 CB to the 716 AP2, which was a great move on my part.

    My set-up, 917D3, 917 F3, 816H2 19, 816 H1 23, AP2 5-9, SM6 46,50,54,58 and Mallet 1.

    I love the clubs and the chance to talk to other like minded enthusiasts is awesome!

    Take care,

  4. Dave D

    Good choice. I have the T-MB 4 thru pitch with the Kurokage graphite shafts. Love them.

    I'm jealous Keith. I definitely want a set of 716 T-MB's. I hit them at a titleist fitting and hit them straight and pure every time. Congrats on your new set.
  6. David A

    I am thinking about switching from my 716 AP2's to the new 718 T-MB's when they are released. Did you notice any distance gain from the AP's to the T-MB? If so, approximately how much? Any other noticeable differences? Ball flight, spin rate etc...?
  7. KEITH S

    David A. - I am hitting the ball a little more than 1/2 a club longer. The 8 and 9 are definitely coming off with a little more backspin, but not enough you can't control. As far as ball flight, I seem to hit these just a bit higher. I don't hit the ball real far, but I did hit my 5 iron 175 yards into the wind that brought rain down. After I hit it I thought the wind caught it and it was going to fall well short. Surprisingly enough, it landed safely past the hole and released about 6", then made the 18 footer for birdie.
    All in all, the ball flies (+) 1/2 club longer, stays in the air longer than Hideki's pause and lands softer than kittens fur.
    Its a great fit for me.
    Thanks to all and I hope you all "live long and prosper".
    Go Titleist!

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