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Recoil Shafts in AP2?

chris b

Does anyone have the Recoil shafts in the AP2's? If so, how do you like them? What kind of ball flight are you getting with them? Are they up to the all the hype they have been receiving?

I am looking to put the Recoil F4 95's in my AP2 4 - PW & 110's in my wedges.


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  1. Darron K

    I have Recoil 95 F4s in my AP2's. I absolutely love them. You can flight the ball low or high. I actually gained a little distance because of the fitting I had that paired the AP2s with Recoils. The feel is buttery smooth and the feedback when striking the ball is unreal. If you were fit for those shafts with the AP2 head I would pull the trigger. If not, I would get fit.
  2. chris b

    do you know what your swing weight is? I am doing my own clubwork and was wondering if I am going to have to add lead or tip plugs.

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