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716mb irons


How hard are the Mb irons to hit....? I'm thinking of buying these clubs in the future as I like forged blade look and feel but I'm just wondering I'm a 7-9 handicap and normally putt well but just wondering.... thanks

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  1. 19hole

    You need to find a fitter to work with. Buying a set of clubs based on looks alone is a big mistake. You really want to find the clubs that a best suited to your game and will allow you to play you best every day, not just when your swing is on.
  2. GMillar

    Yup - I agree with the above, but i also 100% understand the aesthetic appeal of the MBs. I had gamed titleist blades for most of my life, but swapped them out for 716 CBs last year. Still have a fine top line but with just a little help on those off center shots.

    Suggest head to your local titleist fitter to see if they're gonna work for ya! good luck!
  3. Edward K

    Don't make the game harder than it already is. I've played forged blades my whole life. Even though I'm still a good player, I still want the most forgiving irons. I'll be moving to the AP line soon, but like 19hole said, I'll get whatever my Titleist fitter thinks suits my swing the best......
  4. CCode

    I don't own the MBs but I would like to agree and disagree with GMillar and 19hole. I agree that you should get fit but I also believe that looks are very important and that if you don't like the look of the club don't get it. If you don't like the aesthetic of the club you won't have as much confidence in it.
  5. JAM

    There is no better feeling club than a Titleist MB iron. Give them a good look. As a 7 - 9 handicap you can play any club you prefer. A fitter can give you the setup you need. There is nothing to fear.

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