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Stolen Set of Titleist Clubs

Ryan M

Sorry to say, my entire set of new clubs (4 months new) were stolen from my bag at our club in Connecticut. D3, F2, H1, Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 34", 4-W Smoked AP1, Vokey 56 and 60 SM6 Black finish. They're replaceable with exception of the smoke finish AP1s. Only hope that my Club Pro can expedite a new set from Titleist.

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  1. Rick D

    Sorry to hear about that. Stolen from storage at your club? What does your club have to say about that?

    I hope karma comes back to bite the lowlife who ran off with them.
  2. Dr. Kovatchian

    Wow!!! Hopefully your club has some surveillance of the culprits.
    I would be looking at terminating my membership if they don't step up to protect it's members from theft.

    Hope you find those thieves!
    Dr. K
  3. RJohnson

    That sucks, sorry to hear that.
  4. Ryan M

    The club is horrified. They will replace the set but we'd love to find the SOB. Bummed I'll not have my smoked finish AP1s. My Titleist has some space sets for situations like this.
  5. Bill L

    It takes a special low life to steal a set of clubs.
  6. Greg S

    Sorry to hear! I always fear for my clubs and make sure I use generic head covers on my driver and woods that nobody can quickly identify what clubs I am playing.
  7. Gaaary

    Not nice to have your clubs stolen having the trouble to replace them, I only had my TeamTitleist Bag tag stolen this weekend at the club outing and I'm furious as I would've liked to think that everyone's trust worthy at golf clubs but obviously not !
    Hopefully you've been sorted by now..


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