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Titleist MB player ! Titleist 718 mb = SATIN FINISH PLEASE


As a titleist mb player and fan going back to the 680's ! Noticing justin Thomas's bag this morning "WOW" what a difference in looks as usual .. he like most , chose a brushed nickel or satin finish on his photo- type 718 mb's ! If I ran a you pick " contest on satin or chrome finish I truly believe satin would win .. hands down ! So I'm hoping the 718's come out in a similar finish as the awesome looking 714's or 712's ! If any other team titleist members agree , please feel free to chime in on your opinions ! Thanks and congrats team titleist and Justin Thomas , on a awesome championship ⛳️

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  1. TeeJ

    They could always go with the smoke finish like the limited release AP1's. But def. satin if darker is not available.
  2. JAM

    I am and have always been a chrome guy. A satin options would be nice, but my guess is the MB's are a low volume option and only one finish will be available.
  3. CBogert

    I have the 712 mb's in satin and I prefer the satin look. I agree the irons in JT's bag look phenomenal. I hope to upgrade when they come out.
  4. Joe D

    Have to agree the satin finish is sweet looking,a real eye catcher.
  5. JKelly

    Thanks joe d !
  6. rymail00

    Fresh looking chrome, before it's a bag chattered up looks phenominal, but satin I think looks better over the long haul.
  7. Rob_Roth1

    Yeah I love the satin look myself over chrome or even a dark color.

    Something about it makes it look good.
  8. Wade W

    I love the chrome myself.

    Was thrilled to see it return with the 716 line.

  9. Jim S

    Satin Finish is my vote. I think chrome looks better in the beginning but worse after time.Satin seems to wear and look better longer.

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