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716 MB 9 iron distance issue

Payne S

I have a 712 mb 9 iron I hit 150 with a KBS Tour stiff shaft.. my new 716 MB 9 iron with project X LZ 6.0 only goes about 143 ish... thought the loft was off but it wasn't. Kinda surprised I lost some distance.. anyone else have this issue?

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  1. GMillar

    That seems very strange - The design of the MB hasn't exactly changed much....

    Have you checked length etc? no way you should be losing 7 yards on your 9 iron
  2. Rob_Roth1

    Prob a spin issue - can you get on trackman and see what type of numbers you have for both?
  3. Robert L

    Well you're comparing apples to oranges w/ the different shafts installed. Did you get fit for the new shafts? They would have compared to your old clubs to get a baseline.
  4. B.A.

    Yes, I had this happen when I got my 716 CBs. Happened with my 8i. Use some beige painter's masking tape or foot spray and check to make sure you're hitting the sweet spot. For some reason I had to make an adjustment on that club. No idea why, but that happened to me at first. It got in my head until I adjusted and then realized it's just the same... The more off shots you hit with it not knowing why, the more of those shots you'll hit.

    Hope that helps!
  5. Eikka A

    Same thing with my 716 mb but only PW. I lost 13 metres. All other club carries stayed same. I just started a thread to club fitting forum about it.
  6. Payne S

    I did not get fitted....every other club is the same or more distance....kinda weird
  7. RGilmore

    It is the shaft, the KBS tour should give you a better ball flight and we all know better ball flight = Distance :) It should also impact the spin be generate.

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