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What Irons are for me

Scott H

Looking to purchase new irons and can't decide between AP1 or AP2. I range from a 9 - 11 Handicap during the year. My old set is about 15 years old DCI's Just looking for a little help!! \ Thanks

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  1. Ed S

    Hi Scott - I was fitted for a set of 716 AP2's earlier this year and was playing to a 9.8 at the time. The 718's should be coming out shortly and there is a new offering called the AP3 that seems to fit nicely between the AP1 and AP2. Best advice is to go get fitted and see what feels and works best for you. For me AP2 was the perfect choice. Best of luck.
  2. David A

    I would wait for the new 718/818's. They will be out in less then a month. Since it's been over a decade since your last set, you should go to a certified Titleist fitter and get on a trackman. The numbers you produce on the trackman along with a professional Titleist fitter can put you in the best set for your game. Good luck!
  3. Barry B

    Best advice, find a Titleist Thursday event in your area and work with the fitter to see which head/shaft combo is the best for you. You never know which iron model may be the best for you.
  4. Brad C

    No way to know which is better for your game without being fitted, but I will say i swapped over to the AP2, and they are incredible. The responsiveness off of the face is great and I gained distance. Controllable distance. I was a png loyalist and the AP2 changed it for me. I'm now converting my whole bag. All that is left is the 3 wood and a hybrid.
  5. Brad C

    I submitted a reply and cant see it. My apologies if you see 2 responses from me. I swapped over to the AP2 from the png s-series. Im now converting my whole bag to Titleist. These clubs have amazing responsiveness on the face and controllable distance. Only have the 3 wood and a hybrid to change and my bag and the transition will be complete. AP1 will be longer but they are a few degrees per club stronger. AP2 is great for your handicap range and will surely help bring it down a little because of their accuracy. Good luck deciding on what to buy.
  6. Rob_Roth1

    You should look at the 2018 AP3 as they are supposed to be in-between the irons
  7. augusto r

    titleist ap2 716 ,this are sweet irons,make sure you get fitted by a titleist approved golf shop.The ap2 718 is coming out by fall,if you could wait that long.
  8. Keith S

    Just got fitted and purchased a set of AP1's about two months ago. I am also about a 10 handicapper. I simply love them! Get fit today!
  9. Robert L

    Go get fit... no one can provide sound advise given that info alone. Check numbers on a launch monitor and KNOW what irons are for you.
  10. Nicholas H

    Have you been able to hit both? They both look great in the new 718 line that's for sure. Just judging from your handicap I'd say either or even the T-MB as well. You're going to get about 20 responses telling you to go get a fitting :) Just depends on which you like the looks and feel of if performance is similar. I'm not crazy about the strong lofted short irons in the AP1 though. I'd have to carry 5 wedges but I know quite a few players who do. I personally went from DCIs to the 2008 AP2 and had no issues. I play to about a 2-3 most of the time but my iron game is not my strength. I currently have a set of TMBs and I consider them very close to the AP2 with a "different" feel and a higher ball flight. If you don't need the height or if distance isn't a driving factor, I think the AP2s might be right up your alley.
  11. Andrew A

    You're in luck. Check out the new AP3 that are going tobe released this fall. This set falls in between the AP1 and the AP2 current offereing.
  12. Don O

    The amount of feel and forgiveness will be up to you. Just to keep it a little more complex, if you wait for another month for a fitting, if the AP1 doesn't have enough feel or the AP2 doesn't have enough forgiveness, there is an AP3 coming that may be just right. Apparently it will fit between the 1 and 2. Some of the pros using the AP2 have used the AP3 in their longer irons. Best to find a good fitting location to trial the options.
  13. No'l

    That's a long time to play a set. But go see a certified club fitter for your irons. In that way, you'll know or they can recommend you the better Titleist club for you.

    Good luck.
  14. Todd S

    Wait a little longer and you can debate between Ap1 Ap2 or Ap3. Lol
    The AP1 has more offset and more forgiving.
    Alot of guys do a combo set 3'4'5'6 Ap1 7'8'9 Pw Ap2
    I recommend you see a certified Titleist fitter..
  15. Chris B

    Hello Scott,

    I am in the same dilemma. maybe suggest contacting your local Titleist fitter and demo the two clubs to see which you suits your game better. I iwill be hitting the new 718's in about a week. Good luck.
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