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New 718 Titleist AP3


I cannot wait to try the the all-new 718 AP3 as it maybe becomes the new player’s distance iron! I have heard the AP3 may represent the best of both worlds focuing on the distance and forgiveness of a game improvement iron packed into the look and feel of a player’s iron...but interesting it seems the AP3 was also inspired by the development of Titleist Concept C16 irons. Based upon pics and discussions with people at Titleist it has a hollow-blade construction combined with a thin, unsupported face insert. The AP3 irons have a high-MOI design with an load of tungsten per head. Interesting...cannot wait to see how they compare to my 716 AP2 irons!

Is anyone else excited about this new iron in the lineup?

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  1. Jeff K

    I'm super excited! I've been putting off my purchase waiting for the release of these. I think I'm going for the AP3's. I love the look of the C16's but they're pretty pricey.

    What I really like about the AP3's is that I've dropped my 3 iron out for a T-MB 2 iron and the AP3 4 iron is only 2 deg. This gives a gap of 5 deg between the two. the AP2 4 iron is 24 deg.
  2. etakmit

    I am but I know I wont be in the market to replace my 716s too soon. So I'll just drool :)
  3. Steve M

    I was invited to an advanced demo & fitting today at Sleep Hollow CC. I was able to hit AND order the new clubs. I'm getting a mixed set of AP1 (5-7) and AP3 (8-W) plus a 818 H1 21*. My fitter was able to dial in 8-10 yards with better launch angles, ball speed and tighter shot dispersion.

    The AP1 looks much better than the 716 and the AP3 has a significantly thinner top line along with the forgiveness.

    I love my 816 H1, but felt the improvements to the 818 were more than enough reason to upgrade.

    Now, i just need to find a new home for the 716s & 816
  4. Doug E

    Really hoping the new AP3s feel as good as they look, in which case I will continue to play my AP2-716s in PW through 7i, and put a new AP3 6i and 5i in to the bag to replace the AP1-716 6i and 5i I presently game (for the added forgiveness). Just not sure about the new AMT (Ascending Mass) shafts and how they would blend with the traditional shafts in my current AP2-716s. I like the idea of AMTs, but am not about to change the traditional style AP2 shafts in my PW, 9i, 8i, and 7i at this point to match the progressive AMTs in the new 5 and 6 irons. I figure, if I can play a hybrid with a different design and weighted shaft than my irons, I should be able to play a 6 and 5 iron with different shafts than my other irons. I guess I'll figure it all out when I get fit for those two AP3s.

    On a side note, I love my AP2-716s more than any irons I have ever played, but the new AP2-718s look extremely sweet IMO. I may just have to switch the 716s out for the 718s, maybe next season. But for now, I will continue to play my trusty AP2-716s.

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