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718 availability

Kurt K

When will these be available for fitting and purchase?

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  1. Tyler H

    Fittings will be available September 1 and the new range will be available for purchase September 29.
  2. Scott B

    What's the schedule for the 718 hybrids?
  3. Duane J

    Man, do the 718 irons look great! I am about to update my 716 AP2's as I have reached the tender age of 65. Every year I lose a bit of distance.
    Just a general question. Should I be looking at the new AP3's? I love the size of the AP2's but not necessarily the size of the Ap1's.
  4. Steve M

    Actually, I was fit for irons & hybrids today at Sleep Hollow CC. it was an invitation from TT for 12 members to hit the new clubs. I ordered a mix of AP1/AP3 plus a new 818 H1. Now, it's just waiting a week for the early delivery. CAN'T WAIT

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