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So many good things in 24 hours!

Philip B

Hey TT,

I came on here to say thanks to the members of TT for sending me my first bag tag, and then got completely distracted by the official launch of the 718 irons! Those AP3's look top notch to me. They are making me seriously wonder what to do with my AP1's I just got this summer.

Anyways, thanks to TT for the bag tag, and I hope everyone on here is enjoying the launch of the new clubs as much as I am. If any of you have a chance to hit them, make sure to post on here with how they compare to the 716 line. I'm particularly curious about the 716 AP1 vs the 718 AP3.

Cheers, Phil

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  1. richard f

    The new irons all look awesome!!
  2. Rob_Roth1

    Yeah it's nice coming home to something. I was lucky enough to get a t-shirt and I won't take off and my wife thinks there is something wrong with me! LOL
  3. Steve W

    Got my TT bag tag this week also. Looks great! Already thinking about dropping the AP2 4 iron for the AP3. Looking forward to hitting them.
  4. Ryan M

    The new AP1 club heads and 818 H2 are awesome. Got a fitting today with TT at Sleepy Hollow. The 10 min fitting at CT Convention Ctr. I received in April was a joke compared to the 1.5 hrs Team Titleist gave me today. Should have my complete set in less than 1 week.
  5. Jason C

    Philip, I completely agree about the new AP3's! I just got my AP1's this spring and I have never been happier, until this launch, and now I'm trying to figure out how to get those in my bag and still stay married. Enjoy being a part of TT, it's a great company.

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