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915 driver

Steve C

I have been playing with a 915 3 wood with a Diamana S70 regular shaft, and purchased a 915 driver with an S60 shaft, and all my drives have a fade that I can't seem to correct. I have my driver set on B2, and have tried setting A2, and nothing seems to fix this. I am a recreational golfer as my 18 handicap attests to. Should I consider switching shafts?

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  1. Barry B

    Are you right handed? If so, try setting to will add .75 degrees of loft which will close the club face a little. If that doesn't help then I suggest setting up an appt with a teaching pro who will probably be able to help you fairly quickly.
  2. Don O

    Try C3 or D4 (assuming you are RH). Adjusting loft up will close the face. Anything else should be done in consultation with a pro that can see you in action.
  3. Scott Golightly

    I don't mean to throw unqualified advice your way (I'm similar in handicap), but if you've tried the A2 setup and you're still fading it, you could always work on your rotation (shoulders and belt buckle). I only suggest that because I had a similar ailment when I got back into golf after 8 years (using an R15 driver cranked all the way to "Draw") and was struggling to cease the left-to-right ball flight. Worked on my rotation and footwork and things came around WITHOUT the "Draw" setting.

    I apologize throwing non-professional advice your way, but just thought I'd pass on the personal experience. Hope you get it sorted out either way! Let us know what works!
  4. Brandon C

    Hi Steve - I can’t speak highly enough of the FREE Titleist Thursday events. I drove a couple hours to the nearest location and got The same issue you’re dealing with corrected. I ended up getting the shafts, heads, and SureFit hosel settings all dialed in using Pro V1x golf balls and a Trackman Launch monitor. The shafts I had been using in my woods were messing with the ideal loft and spin numbers, but we were able to get everything dialed in and I’ve dropped at least a couple shots off my handicap index as a result...

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