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CB 718

Avan Schalkwyk

I currently play the 716 CB with the True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT R300 shafts (3-pw). I want to upgrade to the 718 CB's. However, I notice that they come out with the Project X LZ shafts. Taking my current set's shafts specs into consideration, which flex (5.0, 5.5 or 6.0) of the Project X LZ will be comparable with what I have at the moment. I live in South Africa, so I do not have access to the Titleist fitting opportunities.

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  1. George G

    I am a Titleist Product Specialist, I have just recently been conducting fittings for our Staff Professionals in Houston, TX for 718/818's.
    First off, I can tell you that the Project X LZ has been a popular shaft with our Club Professionals fitted into multiple head models. Without the process of a proper fitting, I would say the 5.5 would be the closest match to your current shaft.
    If you would like to keep the same shaft you are playing now in your new 718's, it would be the AMT Tour White R-300. That is the re-brand of the D.G. AMT. You can get that shaft in the CB with no upcharge.
    Enjoy your new 718's when you get them, I'm sure you will!

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