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AP2 vs. CB

Sean Jaeger

Hello everyone,

Looking forward to purchasing either one of these Titleist 718 sets (AP2 or CB, 4-PW), when they release. Wanted to gather any feedback regarding the two, if anyone has played with both, would appreciate any insight. I currently play an older version of the CB's but wanted to see if anyone has had a positive comparison.

Many thanks!

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  1. david s

    Hi Sean,
    Rick Shiels does some really good reviews on various golf equipment on You Tube, and he's reviewed the Titleist 718 range, hope you find them useful for comparison.
  2. Kyle J

    I have played both, AP2 714 and CB 716, I came from CB's originally as well and I stayed with the 716 CB's. I feel the cb's have more meat to them and contact is clean, sounds is what I want and feel and workability is there, draw, fade, punch, hook or slice what I ever I need to get out the trees! If you can I would test them both if you cannot I don't think you will be disappointed wth the CB's.
  3. Brock D

    I can agree with Kyle. I played the 712 ap2s before this year and recently switched to a CB/MB combo(716).The cbs in the long irons feel like ap2s but I can fade the cbs easier then the ap2s for some reason. Looking down at address I can't tell a difference and the feel is almost identical(CB maybe a tad softer). The distance is the same as well. Obviously try both if you can.
  4. Edward K

    For me, they had a completely different ball flight. I'm an MB guy, have been for years. I tried them all before my last purchase, stayed with the MB's. As Kyle J said, you need to hit both of them, and I don't mean a few balls. Take some time, as I NEVER buy clubs the first time I go hit them. I want to hit them a few times before I commit. It's been easy for ME, as I can't find anything better than the MB's, for ME! Try for yourself! They are BOTH great clubs. ....Good Luck!.....EK
  5. Sean Jaeger

    Thanks, guys! I appreciate your feedback, I am scheduled for a Titleist Thursday in September, looking forward to hitting both off grass and see ball flight. As mentioned, I currently play CB's (older) and hit them well. I like the classic look, especially at address. Thanks again!

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