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718 AP3

Mitch M

Can these be ordered with weaker lofts?

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  1. Liam T

    Exactly what I was wondering!
  2. Hans L

    I would think you certainly could. Should be no different than a custom order just request the weaker loft you want.
  3. RJohnson

    Yes, of course they can. It can affect bounce depending on how much weaker
  4. Rob_Roth1

    Yes AP2 LOL
  5. Chuck Z

    I believe that Titleist will bend them a maximum of 2* when ordered. Is that the loft you are seeking? When you order your clubs they can always check to make sure.
  6. Don O

    Titleist will adjust loft +/- 2 degrees, which will also change bounce by the same. But try them before ordering and adjusting them. They didn't just weaken them just to claim they are longer, like some other OEMs do. There is engineering for performance to go along with the loft. You might like them as they are designed.

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