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718/818 Fitting in Los Gatos, Ca


First off, let me say that I was honored to be invited to be a part of this early release/fitting from Titleist and to have the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people to put some faces to the names! Also thrilled that this was in my home town!

From the second I showed up, this event was all class. They were all set up and ready for a personal presentation detailing the new club heads and what is different about them, where they fit in, the options of mixed sets...

I have to say that I think the 718s are the best looking release yet. All the clubs are so pretty to look at (and even better to hit).

After the presentation, we were walked over to our fitter. Mine was Charlie Beitpoulice, which many of you already know because he is a great Titleist fitter we are blessed to have in our area. I was thrilled it was going to be Charlie because he has fitted me in the past and has seen good and bad swings from me and I trust his judgement.

To start, my current setup is 3-5 716 TMB and 6-PW 716 CB. I tried the AP2, AP3, TMB, CB and a bunch of shafts. It was probably a good day to have a fitting since I did have a lot of mis-hits today, which seems to happen to me most at club fittings!!! Anyone else like me? I think maybe it's nerves and excitement of getting fit, I don't know, but it happens to me a lot. It even happened at my Oceanside TPI fitting a while back.

Anyway, the CBs were still the best for me, but there was an improvement on the mis-hits. They flew much better than they did on my 716s. The face felt a little more balanced. The TMBs seemed improved as well. I thought the AP2s and the AP3s were amazing clubs and I may go that route at some point but being such a mental player, I could not stray from the CBs after some of my recent good rounds no matter how good the numbers were.

I ordered the new 818 H2, to replace my current 3i. It is pretty and I really like the shape of the body and the shape of the face were great improvements (pictures were not allowed). I ordered the TMB 3-6 and the CB 7-PW. I AM STOKED that I am supposed to get them next week!!!

It was all so great that I completely forgot to take pictures, but here are a couple.

Thank you TeamTitleist!!!

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6 Replies

  1. Barry B

    Great write-up, thanks for sharing!
  2. brian b

    very nice! how does one get on the invite list?
  3. Ryan M

    I went last Thursday in New York. What a day! Ordered a completely new set from D2 to Scotty. Top notch customer service and experience. Best of luck with your new clubs.
  4. vurich

    Hey B.A.!! Congrats! How cool! Thanks for the great story and awesome TT experience! Hit them well!

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Definitely jealous. I'm going to hit the new 718's next week. So I'm super excited.

  6. Dan H

    B.A., great write up and congrats on the experience! I was lucky enough to be included in the Columbus, OH event last week and what a great event and class act Team Titleist is!!! Cathi, was phenomenal to us and not only was Austin a great fitter but a repeat fitter and a great player in his own right so his advice goes a long way. My order will be going in very soon and can't wait to hit them!! New AP3 is a great offering and a fantastic middle of the road option between the AP2 & AP1 from previous years. I can't wait to hear the feedback from the lucky individuals whose new irons are arriving very soon and faster than retail release!!!

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