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AP1 v MB


Hey Guys,

AP1's are obviously the most forgiving iron, and are a very strong lofted club (3 to 4 degrees stronger than an MB). They have a lot of weight at the bottom of the club to help them launch higher. Would they travel further than the same club in an MB?

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  1. Mike H

    Yes the AP1s will go farther and with lower spin so less green stopping playability for those irons. The low spin helps the launch conditions and movement left to right and gets them up in the air which is helpful for certain players who are looking for high launching forgiving irons. The MBs will spin more in all directions and will not launch the same in the same loft but since the lofts are higher it brings the launch conditions closer together. The MB spin makes it a lot easier to hold greens though and are not made for the people who just want a long straight ball.
  2. Rob_Roth1

    yes - stronger lofts would mean longer distance
  3. Hans L

    MB's will be a good amount shorter. I have 716 MB's and had them bent 2 degrees stronger. Both irons are great, I just love the "butter" feel from the MB's and they are easier to flight and shape. They aren't for everyone and sometimes I question if I need them! I've just always played a blade except for a set of 712 AP's I had for a little while. Either way you should be happy and making a great choice. Good luck!
  4. CKoetter

    I actually went from the original AP1's to MB's about a 1.5 years ago. Went 6-PW in MB and 4-5 in T-MB for reference. When I went to get fitted, I assumed I would end up in the AP2's but surprisingly enough the MB's felt the best out of all of the Titleist irons and the stats supported it too.

    Now with that, I was also losing distance when comparing club to club between the sets, so I took the opportunity to adjust the lofts when placing the order and kicked the MB's down 2 degree's and the T-MB's down 1 to make sure my gaps were in line. I also put in the AMT300's shaft instead of the stock Dynamic Gold as they felt too heavy for me. It's a personal preference.

    The smaller face on the MB's were a bit intimidating at first, but the odd thing to me, at the time, was that I hit more shots in the center of the face with the MB's than I did with the AP1's bc there just isn't as much face to hit. Looking back on it, I attribute this to the AP1 face being larger and when you miss hit shots with the AP1's you didn't really see much difference in the shot and the feedback from the club wasn't noticeable. In regards to ball flight, the AP1's get up too quick IMO, but the MB ball flight for me is still plenty high to bring shots in soft. I can still get over tree's just fine when I need to.

    The thing I like about the MB's are that they do hold greens a lot better than the AP1's, not that is was really an issue with the AP1's before when it hit the green, but they do. Also, one of the biggest things for me, is they get through the turf soo much better. With the AP1's my divots kind of exploded where I made contact with the ground, whereas the MB's get through the turf cleaner. Also means you aren't going to hit behind the ball with the MB's and have the club bounce in to the ball like the AP1's did. That's for me anyways.

    I would say to get fitted and see what's best for you as it may not be the MB's. But also, don't let anyone tell you that you're not good enough to hit the MB's since you are coming from the AP1's. If they are the best club for your game then buy them and make sure the setup is exactly what you want. It will take some time to get adjusted just like any other club change, but was well worth it for me. I dropped from a 10-12 handicap with the AP1's, where I had been for years, to a range of 5.3 to 7.3 since getting the MB's. Not saying its the clubs that did that, but they helped.

    Let us know what you end up doing.
  5. TUser

    Thanks for that. I started using the 710 AP1's and have since got my handicap down and thought i'd test myself with the MB's. Im just worried that all my yardages will be out now when I switch over to playing the MB's.

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