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C16 Irons


I have a quick question for the team Titleist community. I recently did a fitting this summer, found that I hit the 716 T-MB the best. I recently found a set of C16 irons online, now I've never hit them before, but their seems to be a lot of similarities between the two. Given the price, I don't want to make an expensive mistake. The shafts and grips are exactly the ones I was recommended during my fitting.

Are they similar in the way that they feel?

I know that the lofts are a bit stronger in the C16's in comparison to the T-MB's. Thanks for any insight you might have.


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  1. Jeff K

    What setup did they fit you for in regards to club lie? If you have a 2 deg flat and the ones for sale are 2 deg up then they would be far from suitable. How much information do you have on the clubs?

    C16's are 2 deg stronger. They are pretty expensive clubs new and secondhand, so you want to be confident about how much you will like them before committing.
  2. Nicholas H

    Joshua, I've never hit the C16 but I do own a set of the 716 T-MB. Best I can do is the link below from
  3. B.A.

    I have hit both and owned both. They are nowhere near the same thing. Go try the new AP3 as they are a more cost effective version of the C16 and brand new and you will be able to get fit for them.

    They are nice and the price is right! The new TMB is nice as well, but again, nowhere near the same club. The TMB is designed to launch the ball. The C16 is designed to give you more forgiveness across the clubface and distance (as is the AP3).
  4. augusto r

    I would be careful.i suggest go to a titleist fitter,for the same set up as described then make your judgement.

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