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716 vs. 718

Jeffery M

Any TT members recently get 716 AP irons and thinking about the new 718's? In July I got new 716 AP1's and they perform the way I want them too. Currently a 6 handicap and I don't think the 718's would benefit me much. Sure they look sweet but performance wise for my game, I'm not thinking about upgrading. Anybody else feel the same way?

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  1. augusto r

    Not much,just like I did ap2 714 to ap2 716. Maybe the ap3 would make a big difference.Try going to a demo day. I will definitely check this out,when it comes here to Hawaii in September.
  2. Jon B

    Not a perfect analogy, and everyone's circumstances such as discretionary income and alternatives for enjoyment differ, but I like to think of it like an automobile. I enjoy a new car, the smell, the new features, less noise, etc......but it takes a few years to wear out, the technology changes incrementally on new models, and it is not worth it for me to get a new one every year. For me, doing research before I buy and assuring myself that there is a "fit" for my game is more important then the next sparkly thing. I have 716 AP2s.....which I plan to keep for a few years, but I will look at the 718s, and probably just buy 818s to replace my older hybrids.
  3. Joel L

    My AP2s are almost 2 years old now but playing the best golf of my life right now( 1 handicap). My pro told me today that he previewed the AP3s last week and he said they are hot, significant distance improvements. His fitting sets should be here by Friday and I am dying to try them out. Yes, I bought new driver/3 wood this year so budget is not there for new clubs. I am going to have to make a decision whether to upgrade or not. At 56, I could always use more distance.
  4. Barry B

    You should read Speedy's post about his fitting last week.
  5. Ed S


    I was fitted in May and feel the same with one minor exception. I went with 716 AP2's but did the 4iron in an AP1. I intend to swap that for a 718 AP3. Otherwise I am completely content.
  6. Dave N

    I sport the AP1's right now, gunna gamble and wait to see if they come out in a dark finish.Too soon to upgrade says my better half.
  7. Rob_Roth1

    Go get fit and hit them side by side. If they are that much better than get them and if not stay with 716
  8. Russ H

    Currently playing 716 CB and 716 MB combo set. Happy with both but may look at replacing the MB and going 5-PW with CB so will definitely take a look at the 718 CB. Always trying to buy a game. :)
  9. Russ H

    Hit the 718 CB yesterday and after an hour I made the move. Traded in my 716 CB and 716 MB for a set of 5-PW 718CB and 718 AP3 4 Iron. Not sure there is a lot of difference in the CB but maybe knowing that the tungsten in the toe and heel made me think it felt better. Beautiful irons and at my age these irons make me focus on hitting the sweet spot and not worrying about distance. I am out of money now so I have to make these work.
  10. Robert C

    I think that the best advice was to hit both clubs side by side and see which results you like best.
  11. Brjann B

    Playing 716 AP2 stock AMT since release but changed to 716 MB to with Project X shaft. Biggest reason is that i really want to play MB’s and that they worked really well in fitting and test. Didnt see enough difference in 718’s so just bought used 716s. Rhat way i can keep my Ap2 and use the 4i and 5i if needed.

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