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716 MB PW vs SM6 46

Payne S

what would be the upside/downside to switching

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  1. Nicholas H

    For me, I hit a lot of full PW shots around 120-125. The SM6 I've demo'd had a tremendous amount of spin from that range (on course demo). I liked the SM6 for increased spin on partial shots and being able to flight it lower but the spin on full shots was a bit excessive for me. I carry a 50 degree SM6 that doesn't have the excessive spin for some reason and I like it in combination with my MB PW. So overall I would say the SM6 has a lower flight and higher spin than the MB.
  2. Rob_Roth1

    as long as you can get the shaft you were fitted for in the sm6 I don't see why not
  3. CKoetter

    There was another person who asked about this a few weeks back so just reposting my response for reference...

    I'll be honest with you, I tried to make this change and the feel of the SM6 off the face was fine, but my issue with SM6 46 is with hitting full shots compared to my MB PW. My spin rate was to0 high and I kept zipping balls back a lot further than I was comfortable. Needless to say I put the MB PW back in the bag and have more control of the spin without making a swing change.

    Just to caveat this post, I don't hit 100% shots with the other 3 SM6 wedges (50, 56, 60) either in order to control the spin, but not having a PW that I can full swing would mean knocking down 9 irons for 110 - 125 yd shots, which only gives me 1 trajectory.

    All in all, it's a feel decision. For me I went back to the MB PW.
  4. Eric M

    I put the sm6 46* in play this weekend for the first time over a set pw. I haven't seen any issues with full or partial shots but ive been playing on punched greens as well as in softer conditions so lots of balls just stopping in place. I have a playing partner that switched from mb pw to sm6 46* last year and he hasn't complained about spin or other issues.

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