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T-MB players

David M

I've played these irons with SteelFibre 120cw shafts for all of 2017. I honestly believe they have changed my game. High, straight, crisp irons have brought my index down to a 4.3 (up from that now), helped me win my flight in a few tournaments, etc. I love these irons....

...except for one thing. I cannot work them right to left or left to right. My belief is the same thing (tungsten weight) that helps get the ball up---keeps the face square at impact.

Does anyone else have this issue? I am probably going to go to a 716 or 718MB in my 7-8-9-PW. I know I can work those.

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  1. No'l

    I've had the 6&5i in the 716 T-MB along with my 716CB and I love the T-MB acting like a hybrid. I've also had some great luck with them with some work. Like you, I've won a club champ event in my level and placed 2nd a few times on other events. But I'm able to work the T-MB both ways.

    My body is changing up and down in short period of time, and now it looks like I've outgrown the Nippon Shaft Zelos 7 regular at age 60. I never thought I'd be recommended a slightly stiffer shaft by my fitter whom we had gone over 3 times. The Project X LZ 5.5 was best fit for me each time (over two and a half months) which I'll be having done next week.

    If anything, I hope this info helps.

    (killer avatar, David!)
  2. No'l

    ...a year and a half, I meant.
  3. Jeff S

    Can't say I have this problem. Although I will say that, working the ball right to left, it seems a little harder to hit a high, strong draw. Not sure why. That being said, I've come to love hitting baby draws, baby fades and a lot more straighter shots. I've played 3-W since fall of '15 and just love the clubs.
  4. Tom C

    I have the 716 TMB 2-5iron and love them, although I'm well able to work (or should I say miss!!) them both ways! I would love to just be able to hit them straight. haha.

  5. David M

    Thanks all. It is certainly more of an issue drawing them than fading them.

  6. RGilmore

    Switch shafts for me did the trick, i play KBS exclusively any more. They not only add to already crazy ball flight the T-MB provides but they also seem to add much more control when trying to shape shots. I hope that helps.

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