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MB 716 vs 718 - What's the difference?



I'm wanting to buy my dad some MB Blades. Luckily, the new 718 range will be released at the end of September.

My question to you guys, is what's the real difference between these 2 models?

I know the new ones don't have the AMT shafts anymore (for some reason?) and a new grip... but is there anything else? Thinner top lines? Less offset? Slightly different finish?


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  1. Nicholas H

    The 716 MB came stock with the DG S300. The AMT is an option in the 716 and the 718. I've read where the CG is the same location and I believe offset is almost identical. The muscle shaping on the back is slightly different but that is just cosmetic according to an article I read. I haven't hit the 718 yet but I own the 716. I would expect both irons to play nearly identical. Dad will be excited no matter what!
  2. Travis W

    Agreed. Not much you can change with an MB.
  3. 19hole

    The differences are very minor. I have played the 716 since its launch and just hit the 718. I find the feel to be about the same.

    I would suggest that you have your dad get fitted, there are a number of shaft options that make a huge difference in these irons.
  4. Eric M

    They are pretty close to the same thing, however the 718 feel a little softer than 716 but its been 2 years since i hit the 716. I went with 718 mb in 7-9i this time because i really like the look and feel. Its going to be a rough 2 weeks waiting for them to come in

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