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24 degree fairway wood

Barbara B

I have been trying for many years to master the hybrids to no avail. I have a 24 degree 713H that fits between my 5 iron AP1 and my 19 degree 713F. I want to find a 24 degree fairway wood. I am tired of not having confidence in that shot with the hybrid. My Titleist pro fitted me and we continue to adjust but it is just not working. The 21 degree fairway wood can not be adjusted to 24 degrees, so need to find an alternative. Any suggestions?

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  1. Chuck Z


    1. Suggest, checking with your pro regarding the new 818 hybrids. You might try the 818h1 which has a head similar to a fairway wood and designed for someone who sweeps the ball. It comes in a 23* and 25* and they can be adjusted at 1* increments. Newer technology means better performance and Titleist R&D always comes through.

    2. Last season's 816h1 model has been an outstanding performer for me. I changed over from the regular hybrids to the 816s and put away my 915hs and very pleased with their performance. I currently play a 816h1 17* and a 816ha 21*. At 71 years of age I need all the help I can get and they perform extremely well for me. My fitter and I got the right setup and with the new ones coming out this month they have some exciting standard shafts.

    A couple of ideas. Cheers, Chuck..........
  2. Barbara B


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