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So here's a silly question...

What would it cost/take for you Titleist to produce a new set of these irons. Same exact design, loft, lie etc, but using the your newest forging method for most consistency through the set.

I know its silly, but its still the coolest irons Titleist have ever made!


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  1. 19hole

    I would guess that 1) that would never happen and 2) it would be in the millions to tool up to forge a set of irons.

    You really should try the irons in the current offering. There have been quite a few leaps forward in iron design since the 681.
  2. Chuck Z

    I looked for them under their previous models of golf clubs and could not find them. Personally, I could not see them producing a new set of those irons and if they did I think the costs would astronomical for one set. With respect. I could be wrong.
  3. Withander

    He he... Yeah, thought as much. I personally play with the 690MBs... they are great and all, I just really love the very predominant muscleback, small blades of old... Just the 680 model is still the ones I would want... Anyways I know they would only do that for someone like Adam Scott, who until very recently at least played the 680 model... Less offset and greater mucleback... they are so cool.
  4. Michael M

  5. Tom P

    Yep, I had a set of the Titleist 681's, 2 - PW. Traditional lofts, 49 degree PW I think. They had a wooden dowel driven into the hosel to dampen off center hits. They drove my playing partners crazy because I was always hitting 2 clubs more because of the "weak" lofts but was also more accurate.

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