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718 irons

Eric M

Had a chance to hit the new ap2, CB and t-MB last night. Titleist absolutely knocked it out of the park with looks in this release, especially in the ap2. It's the best looking non CB/MB iron on the market. The performance in these is really good and anyone who doesn't have Titleist in the bag should give this release a try. I'm excited to get to my Titleist Thursday next week and see what replaces my 716 ap2.

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  1. Steve M

    my AP1/AP3 set arrived at my Club today!!!!! Now, I have an excuse to stop work early on the holiday weekend and go hit a bucket or two.

    thanks, Team Titleist!!!!
  2. Eric M

    Sounds like the perfect excuse. I'm still trying to narrow down which iron I want or which two and let the numbers determine the winner
  3. Rich T

    I have not yet set up my Titleist Thursday appointment but it is definitely in the works. In fact, I have others at my club that want to join me. Based on the early feedback and interest, I think Titleist has a winning 718 lineup.
  4. Edward K

    I want them, BAD!. But if I only gain 3 yards, like i did with the 16's, I have to think long and hard.......LOL
  5. Rob_Roth1

    I have a fitting all set up for next thursday and I am really excited to hit them all. I am leaning towards AP2 as I don't like the strong lofts of the AP3
  6. John W

    I had a chance to hit the AP3s. Amazing feel. Love the look of them. Added 10 yards of distance with them compared to my current AP2s!
  7. Donald H

    I ordered AP3 the minute they are announced. Thought they are not out till Sept 29. That is when I get mine. Why do I have to wait?
  8. Eric M

    I did my titleist thursday last week and went in looking for a CB/MB combo if the MBs worked out numbers wise for what i was looking for in carry distance as well as spin and ball flight but had the mindset if MBs don't work then ill go full CB. Well two swings in with the MB 7i paired with AMT White s300 and i was set. The fitter had me test a few other shafts to see if we could fine tune. I hit the PX LZ 6.0 and px 5.5. LZ was giving me a pull with my swing and the px were very similar in performance to the amt white. I ended up staying with the amt white and my setup will be 5-6 in CB and 7-9 in MB. I have a vokey sm6 46* to take care of my pw and im keeping my 716 TMB 4i

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