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816 H1 vs 818 H1


I was unable to find the this info online so hoping either someone from Titleist or someone who has hit both can compare the head size and weight of these two. I read that the 818 is a little smaller but can someone please confirm. Can someone also let me know how the standard weights compare. Would also be nice to know how the ball flight compares. Thanks

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  1. Eric M

    I believe they are the same size with the difference being the shape of the 818 is more pear shaped. Having hit both the sound is a little louder on 818 imo. Not in a bad way just different. In the 21* 818 with even flow blue I didn't notice much difference in overall ball flight or distance from a visual perspective. I want to spend more time with both 818 models to see what works best. I may do another titleist thursday just for the 818s

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