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Sure Fit Hozel question

Steve M

today, i was looking to make a trial change on my 915D2. It's currently set for D-4. My initial thought was to just move to C-3 to give a small draw bias. I was surprised to see that although the top adjustment was movable ("D"), the bottom adjustment ("4") was fixed. This results in the shaft being turned. Therefore, unless you are using a blank grip, the grip will now appear shifted when lining up the club. I saw this on my old non-Titleist driver that was not very adjustable.

Any reason why Titleist doesn't have both adjustments move to eliminate this? I'm sure with all of the R&D, there must be a reason.

thanks in advance for your comments.


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  1. Travis W

    Luckily, most grips today are round, so rotating shouldn't matter, just affects the look of the grip. Shouldn't affect performance, if you don't look down at it. You will have to find the setup that works for you, then have the grip put on to align with that set up. I bought a 913F on eBay, and when it arrived, the grip was sideways. It was then that I realized the seller had moved the SureFit setup around. I play it neutral at A1, so when I moved it back, the grip lined up with the cosmetics. Good news is it is an easy fix!!
  2. Steve M

    but it would be just as easy or easier to simply have the number part of the hozel move, too. This might promote more players to try different settings without looking at a "twisted" grip or having to replace a grip
  3. Steve M

    Travis, I checked out the grips on my new AP1/AP3 and the new Winn Dri Tac grips as well as the Super Stroke Comfort grip have a ridge down the back. With a change in setting, the ridge would now be at a different position.

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