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Hybrid versus driving iron

Justin V

Hey TT - I'm sure this has been on the forum before but I'm looking for advice. I'm looking for some versatility at the low end of my bag. I currently game an 18 and 22 degree hybrid, but often play in the wind and the hybrid flight is beautiful and high. I struggle to flight it down and was thinking of grabbing a TMB 2 iron with a graphite shaft prob match my fitting results. Anyone else grappling with this? What did you end up doing?

Thanks, Justin

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  1. Joe T

    I found myself in the same situation last year. I ditched my 5-wood and 4 hybrid and bought a TMB 3 iron with a steel shaft and a TMB 2 iron with a graphite shaft. I love the feel and shot shaping ability of both, especially a low stinger with the 2 iron through the wind. I have better distance control, and this switch helped me improve my ball-striking. Hope this was helpful
  2. Jeff K

    I borrowed a TMB 3 iron from our pro shop and loved it so much that I bought a TMB 2 iron straight away. I only use it off the tee though, but I also can't hit hybrids consistantly. This is my swing / setup, not the club.

    The course I play at has a few shortish par 4's with a lot of trouble if you stray. On a 300 yard par 4 I can't reach the green with a driver so I use my 2 iron and give myself a wedge or 9 iron in. We have 36 holes and it's a golf course estate, so a wild drive can easily be OOB in someone's yard. Our rough is pretty unforgiving as well and we have lots of bunkers. Accuracy off the tee is a premium.

    I have noticed that since I've started using my 2 iron, even off the tee on some of the par 5's, my score hase come down about 5 shots. I'm not having blow-out holes like I used to when I would hit driver of short par 4's and put it into trouble.

    My 2 iron is mainly for course management. I hit it long enough that even on the mid-length par 4's I can hit 2 iron then 8 iron.
  3. Jonathan L

    Hi Justin,

    I'm in pretty much the same position as you and with playing on the UK coast a lot it gets windy!! I've got a 5 wood and 23 hybrid and also have a 3 iron with a graphite shaft which goes in and out of the bag depending on the weather. I've found for me personally as versatile as the 3 iron is I just can't hit is as consistently well as my hybrid but that's purely down to my ability.

    Definitely the way to go though!!
  4. Barry B

    Maybe try demoing the TMB and see how well you can flight it down. If it works, then picking one up and adjusting what's in your bag on windy days becomes an easy solution.
  5. Scott Golightly

    I replaced a hybrid with a TM-B 2 iron (steel, X-100 shaft) for a while. LOVE the feeling when I made solid contact (and had a great ball flight, exactly what I was looking for with a slightly lower trajectory). It was just a matter of consistently striking it that way that made me move back to the hybrid. Not quite good enough yet to justify the transition, but I'd definitely suggest trying the setup. Definitely a value/preferable tool if you find yourself wishing you had it often.
  6. Justin V

    Hey TT - thanks for all of the awesome responses. I did go and hit the new TMB 3 iron with a steel shaft (no graphite option available), versus my current hybrids and noticed a few things:

    1) the hybrid was more consistent for me, more often getting up into the air and having a similar shot shape
    2) The feel of the club as a whole was more forgiving...toe hits still traveled far, but a bit offline
    3) The TMB is a great iron, but probably not for me. I can still flight my hybrids down (a bit), and could do it much better with the TMB, but from a consistency of shot perspective, I dont feel the value of a 220 yard shot off of the tee can replace the versatility of the hybrid in my bag.

    Thanks to all who responded.

    PS i also demoed the new AP3 4 iron and 5 iron to help with gapping...and spoiler alert...they are sick.
  7. Scott Golightly

    Killin me. Looking at going for a 5-9 setup in the AP3's and can't wait to at least demo them. Unrelated, sorry.

    I share your thoughts on the hybrid. Love the TMB2 flights but my game can benefit much more from consistency than with "oh man that one looks great".

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