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917F3 as Driver


So I like smaller club heads. For some reason I don't like the 440ccm heads... and even less 460ccm...

I was thinking, how well would a 917F3 13 degree function as a driver? Right now I have a 909D3 10.5 degree driver, but i hit my 913F 17 pretty much the same length. I play off 4.6, but have always struggled with driver.

Suggestions please!


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  1. Barry B

    Most amateurs hit their 3 fairways almost as far as their driver. Try setting up a Titleist Thursday session and compare your current driver against the 917F3 13. It's the best way to find out when you can see the numbers from both.
  2. MB

    I think you should give the 917 drivers a try. They have lots of adjustability and are quite forgiving. I play the 917 D3 with a yellow HZRDUS shaft. I love the feel and the trajectory.

    Also, I play the 917 F3. It's also a great option for you. I'd just recommend trying the 917 D3 out, it is worth the trip to a local golf store.

  3. Mike H

    You only have 14 clubs you might as well only game the 14 clubs you have confidence in. If you don't use the driver and it's just taking up a spot there is no reason to carry it. Getting rid of the driver will allow you to gap some scoring iron clubs a little closer.

    Of course getting lessons based around a driver swing may help you gain confidence in the driver again.
  4. Ryan M

    I had a 917 D3 9.5 and I didn't hit it well. I was much more consistent with my 917F2 16.5 and hit the ball past many with their drivers. I moved to a 917 D2 10.5 and I now have consistency and slightly more distance than my F2. FYI, the new 818 H2 is awesome.
  5. Chuck Z

    I would go see a fitter. The new 818 hybrids are great clubs. The h1s are more in line with a small headed fairway club and are for sweepers where the h2 are for diggers and are more in line with an iron effect. With the right shaft set up there can be very effective. I have the 816h1 in a 17* and a 21* and love them. My fitter help me make the right decision as he always does. Go to the pro. =)
  6. Travis W

    As Barry B said, most amateurs hit their 3 woods as long as their drivers, which I totally agree with. But you said you play off a 4.6 HDCP, which is very good. Most single digits can hit a driver pretty well, and a bit longer than the 3 wood. This would lead me to believe that you don't have the best set up for your swing. Best bet would be to go to a fitter and experiment with heads and shafts to get the right Driver - 3 wood combo that works for you. Best of luck.
  7. Don O

    The common thread in the recommendations is to get fit. A good fitter can also suggest some swing tweaks that may get the D3 to work better for you. Hitting an F1/F2 15/13.5 fairway may be your best replacement. Hitting up on driver is different swing than your long irons/hybrids, so you may not be giving up much distance and be more consistent.
  8. Rich T

    I agree with the 'get fit' comments, but in my opinion confidence, results and course makeup also play a large part in the equation.

    Years ago I used to struggle with the driver but now it is a club that I will hit with a fair amount of confidence whenever it calls for. Yes, I have gotten better with the driver but I also have a great fit -- I'm gaming a 44.5" 915D2 shafted with a Fubuki 60x5ct S and love it.

    That being said, I only use driver at my home course once or twice a round. If the conditions are soft or the ball isn't flying that day I may hit it a couple more times. My go to is my 3 wood (913F 15*) or hybrid (915H 18*) and will hit those 12-13 times off the tee per round. The 3 wood is not all that far behind my driver in all honesty.

    The reason is partly confidence but mostly what my home course dictates. My course is narrow so there is a premium on position but distance is still fairly long at 6500 yds for the tees we play.

    FWIW - we are in the same handicap range.
  9. Peter M

    Look, Henrik Stenson won a tournament 3 weeks ago without a driver. His signature shot is a 280+ yard drive with 13deg 3 wood, which he uses a lot, even if he carries a driver. He certainly is an exception on Tour, but if you feel being in the same category... whatever works the best for you...

    My suggestion take out the 909 and get fit for the 3 wood and commit to that for SIX MONTHS...when I say commit I mean dont test ANY drivers. After that time ask yourself which would be more beneficial a driver or another wedge?? I did it and dropped a stoke and a half, I put a driver back in my bag 3 months ago which I love BUT I'm not afraid to leave it in the bag if It's misbehaving during a round because I know the 3 wood is money!!!. Madgolfer hitemstraight...

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