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Tyler K

Had a premium fitting on Trackman today for the new 718 AP3 and all I can say is Wow! Went from 175 to 195 with my 7 iron yet kept the same spin numbers and peak trajectory. Fit into the AMT Tour White X100 4-PW + 1/4" and will add a 46 Vokey to help bridge the wedge gap. Only problem now is I don't want to hit my current irons for the next 3-4 weeks. Wish I could expediate my order

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  1. Rich T

    Congrats! The 718 lineup is looking solid across the board. I can not wait to go to a Titleist Thursday event and see what changes to my current setup may be recommended.
  2. Sam K

    Awesome! Cant wait for my fitting in October. What an awesome service!
  3. Kevin N

    Congrats on the new sticks Tyler!!! I am seriously looking forward to getting fit at the first available opportunity and love the way the 3s look. Please keep us updated when you put them in play and play well my friend.
  4. Rob_Roth1

    Please remember the lofts are very strong on AP3. What were you comparing them against?
  5. Tyler K

    Yes I understand the lofts are strong, hence why Im excited that I didn't lose spin or height on the short irons and have to add a 46 or 47 degree Vokey. My previous irons were cally Apex Pro.
  6. Greg D

    Awesome! I'm very excited for when I can get fit for AP3's. I hope to gain 20 yards too!
  7. Lance B

    Hitting a 7iron 175 seems incredibly above average, let alone hitting the stronger lofted AP3 195. Good on ya for doing so.

    I got fitted last night and my 7iron carry distance increased by about 12 yards with the AP3.

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