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AP3 short irons

Troy R


Just curious what your opinions are on the look and feel of the shorter irons (8, 9, PW, GW) in the AP3 lineup ?

Are they similar in look and specs, as far as head size, shape, length ... as the AP2s ? Or are they a little bigger and bulkier ?

I haven't found complete iron specs on the new AP3. I heard the heads are quite similar to the AP2s in terms of looks and topline, but heard some believe the blade length for one might be longer than the AP2s.

I currently play the original 2008 AP2s, but will definitely be taking a look at the new AP3s.

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    I went to a titleist thursday yesterday and hit Ap2 and Ap3 side by side. They are only a fraction bigger but if you put them down on the grass you couldn't tell. What scare me about AP3 short irons are the really strong lofts. That is why I ordered AP2 instead but the AP3 is impressive
  2. Steve M

    coming from a set of 716 AP1s to a combo of AP1/AP3 the differences are not huge in the AP1 but it does look much better. The AP3 is sweet. The thin top line makes a big difference with the set up. The 718s overall have a better feel than the 716.
  3. Kenneth C

    The specs for the irons are available - .
    scroll down the page, all of the specs there
  4. Troy R

    Thanks for the comments. I did look at the iron specs... which does have most of the usual information. But it doesn't specify the clubhead size and blade length.

    I was just curious how bulky and how long the blade lenghts were in the AP3s. I know the AP1 wedges and short irons have typically looked too clunky for me ... and they do have longer blade lengths as well .


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