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What will your 718 AP3 setup be?


Hey all,

Can't wait to get fit for the new AP3s. Was planning on going this weekend but Irma ruined my plans. Curious for those who plan on getting a set (or already ordered), what's going to be your setup? Are you going 4-Gap with a 21 hybrid, or 5-Gap with a 23 hybrid (assuming the hybrid is an 818:)?

Who is getting the 4 iron? Loft wise, seems like the 4 AP3 is pretty much like a traditional 3 iron.

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  1. Tyler K

    Ordered mine last week. My setup will be as follows:

    9.5 917 Driver
    15 917 3 wood
    18 2/3 driving iron
    4-PW AP3
    48 Vokey
    53 Vokey
    58 vokey
    Scotty Notchback
  2. Tim D

    I replaced my 4 iron with a hybrid with my AP1 714. Probably the best decision I have in a while. It is one of my go to clubs from 180 to 190 yards. I have my fitting scheduled for Thursday September 14. I am going with an open mind and see what the Titleist fitter and the track man tell me are the best clubs for me.
  3. Jeff K

    Hi Danny,

    I've got a 2 hour fitting booked in for 26 Sept. in Australia. My set-up will be new 917 driver and 3 wood, my existing but near new TMB 2 iron plus new irons. I'm also keeping my old 260.04 wedge. I'm thinking about either the AP3's, AP2's or even C16's, although they are pretty expensive. I'm going for 4 iron to PW and then adding another 2 wedges. The lofts will depend on the irons since AP3's and C16 have a very strong PW, 43 deg. If I go for these then I'll probably get 48 deg and 54 deg wedges. That way if I decide to change my old 60 deg wedge I can either go for a new 60 or a 58, without the gap being too small.

    The benegit for me with the C16's or AP3's is that the 4 iron is quite strong, 22 deg, so it's close to a 3 iron anyway. I currently have a hybrid which I'm dropping out in favour of another wedge. I don't use my 3 wood and hybrid more than 4 or 5 times a round combined, so I won't miss it. I use my 2 iron off the tee on short par 4's and even some par 5's which are not overly long but I can't reach in 2 because of bunkers in fron of the greens. Several of the par 5's on my course are like this so I can hit 2 iron, 4 iron and 9 or PW. Ive been working on my course management this year and trying to play smarter golf.
  4. Cavman

    Ordered AP3 3-W(48 degree) because the included AP3 43 degree PW was too far away from my 52 degree Vokey SM6 gap wedge. Have always liked long irons so am looking forward to having a strong 3 that can fly high and far and is more forgiving. Hope to have the clubs around Sep. 29 and will report back on 3/4 iron performance and feel. Best of luck to you in your decision.
  5. george t

    I went thru the TT sneak peak fitting. Gaps are definitely a concern.

    Currently, besides Driver, 5W and putter, I have a 915F 21*, 913H 24*, AP2 5-PW, Vokey 52/56/60. After the fitting, I'm planning on 818H1 23*, AP3 5-GW, Vokey 52/56/60.

    It won't happen all at once, but hopefully by next spring!

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