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Ron P

In your new iron/wedge shaft options some shafts with the same flex have a torque spread. Ref the new true temper R300 amt red has a spread of 2.3-1.9. I do not remember seeing this in old Titleist booklets. What shaft has a 2.3 torque vs the 1.9 torque?

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  1. Peter M

    I am not from TT staff, but I know that AMT shafts have got progressive weight. Longer irons have lighter shafts. Then I assume that 2.3 torque corresponds to say 4 iron shaft, and 1.9 torque corresponds to heavier PW shaft. For shafts without this progressive weight (mass), you need to show just one number.
  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Ron, Shafts, even within a flex, have a slightly different torque value as the shafts get longer. The longer iron shafts have a slightly higher torque than the shorter irons. We wanted to give the range instead of a single number.
  3. Ron P

    Thanks Cathi for the quick reply. I would have got back to you sooner but i live in florida so Irma took out all our services. We have everything working now except our old land line phone gave out.

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