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From CB to AP2 ?

Scott Golightly

Perhaps a new-ish take on the CB/AP2 topic:

I currently play a set of 695 CB irons. I love them when I strike them well but being a 14-18 handicap (depends on the day!) I don't always manage to strike them perfectly. So here's my situation: I'm looking at moving to (will still hang onto the CB's; sentimental value) the AP2's or the AP3's if I can get a good demo day with them.

I know that it's somewhat of a qualitative question, but how much more forgiveness will I get from the AP2's? Just to establish something from the rip, the AP1's are far too clunky for me. I try and take my game fairly seriously and continue improving, but the AP1's are too chunky for me to look at, at address. I demo'd a set and they just don't work for me.

I don't want to color yalls responses and create a bias from the start, but I'm really just looking for a slight improvement in forgiveness over the 695's in order to build a little more confidence while I work on ball-striking, while maintaining a very clean appearance.

Thank you all!

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  1. Don O

    The 718 CBs will be more forgiving than the 695s. A good fitter should be able to recommend one of the AP3/2 or CB that fits your current ball striking. In my mind, I really want the AP3 to "be the one" but will listen to the fitter.
  2. Peter M

    I personally think that no one other than (future) scratch and better should put hands on CBs and MBs, if the score matters to them. AP2 is the most played TT iron on PGA Tour. Do not tell me that you need more feedback or workability than a tour player. You will not even need it if you improve to single digit. In your HCP (and even if you go 5-10 shots down), you should rather seriously think to replace also long irons of AP2 with more forgiving clubs (TMB or AP3), again like the pros do. Or consider AP3 all set, that would actually be the most wise...
  3. No'l

    Scott, it sounds like the AP3 would be your answer, but do get fitted and compare your results in each club would be the best way to go about it.
    Good luck.
  4. Chris B

    Hi Scott,

    Just an opinion only, I would find a Titleist fitter in your area and then see what club is better suited for your game.
  5. Alan P

    First, I think you will find that the new CB is light years more forgiving than the 695 CB. I gamed the 716 CB for a while. I also gamed a mix set of 712 CB and MB for a while prior to that. I went and got fit for the 718 line, and was fit into an AP2 / AP3 combo. The reason why I wasn't fit into the CB? Spin. My spin numbers were just hat much better with the AP2. Dispersion was great with the CB and I didn't feel any difference in forgiveness, but I was losing distance with the CB vs AP2. You should really get fit. You might be surprised at how forgiving the new CB is.
  6. Darron K

    Being your clubs are 10+ years old. If you get fit properly into a set of AP2/AP3 or a combination of the two you'll see a drastic change in forgiveness. The AP2's you may gain a little distance from the technology as the lofts are for the most part the same. You're gain more distance from the AP3's as the lofts are stronger and the technology is better. Best bet...get fit from a certified Titleist fitter.
  7. Barry S

    I am currently playing the 716 CB's and you would be quite surprised on how forgiving they are on mishits. I
  8. duke m

    I have played the 714 and currently the 716 cbs for the last few years, with kbs tour 90 shafts, I am 69 and a 10 handicap. Prior to this I tried the ap2 irons with the same shaft. I did not see much difference, in terms of forgiveness, between the cbs and ap2s, but the cbs were easier to work the ball. Both are great clubs. For me the ap2s gave me too high a ball flight.
  9. 19hole

    Go to a Titleist Thursday and get fitted. Not only will you get the right clubhead but the right shaft. You may find a combo set is what works the best.

    I know at my last fitting I thought that I would move to a more forgiving iron. I currently use a CB 5&6 and MB 7-PW. After hitting every club except the AP1, we found that the MB is actually the best iron for my swing. We then went throught a dozen shafts to find the right ones.

    Trust your fitter!
  10. Scott Golightly

    I appreciate all of yalls time and input. I love these CB's and they have a huge sentimental value to me, but coming to a point where I want to treat my game a little more seriously so I suppose a proper fitting will soon be in order.

    I agree with those of you who mentioned them... I sure hope AP3's are a match!
  11. mj

    thinking of going from my AP2 712 to CB 716...

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